It wasn’t long before the flags were taken down and it looked as though we might shortly be setting off. The Sail Away Party started, we watched Azura sail from her nearby berth but we stayed firmly anchored! Why? Technical problems!

Almost off?

A quick look around before we set sail. The Atrium is, of course, tall! The decoration is better than on the Ventura, by a long way! Up on deck the flags were flying, and already people were making full use of the pools. Before disembarkation we all had to attend the Muster! Life belts at…

First sight

A mini cruise to celebrate a birthday. One of us had never cruised before. This first view of Britannia caused much excitement. None of us had travelled on this ship before Check in was super fast. We avoided issues which became apparent later. I’ll write about these another time. We were on board before the…

Off again

A speedy transit through embarkation and we were on the boat. A last look at the quay, and we were off The usual ‘entertainment’ as we sailed away, we forgot that this happened and didn’t stay long The ocean was calling – and the sea was like glass as we slipped out of Southampton and…


And on we cruised. Still snow-capped mountains – but more rugged and dramatic. We knew there was a railway line, but didn’t expect it to be so close to the dock. Nor did we expect this carriage   Save

Balcony views

Slowly the ship moved out through magnificent scenery revealing tiny settlements amongst mighty snow-capped mountains. Save

Not easy to hide

Olden is small. The ship is easily visible from almost all angles. Sparkling water and snow-capped mountains. Bliss. Save

Time to walk around

After our trip there was still plenty of time to stroll around the town and take in the sights of Stavanger.